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    Increase your restaurant’s performance with KDS

    Simplify your Ordering and KOT Processes

    Restaurant POS allows you to take order from your point of sale counter or right from table using our waiter app as a result customers receive faster and better services. All orders you recieve right in your kitchen on a KOT Printer or KDS (Kitchen Display System) app on iPad/Android TV. You can track order by its status such as waiting, preparing, prepared, and type like Dine-In, Take Away or Delivery.

    POS system

    Kitchen Display System

    Customize ticket layouts, timers, and notifications to fit your kitchen’s unique setup.

    Speed up operations with reports that give you insights on prep times and more.

    Keep orders synced with a direct link between front and back of house.


    Why choose KDS?

    Delightful customer experience

    Ensure your customers' happiness through faster order processing and improved service quality

    Reduction in wastage

    Decrease the dependency on manual efforts to process orders and increase your restaurant's profitability and value

    Process Multiple Orders

    Manage orders from multiple sources, including food aggregators, on a single screen in a seamless way

    Zero Missed Order

    Eliminate the fear of missing out on orders and manual errors to improve order accuracy