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Increase Revenue with Velforms Marketing

Velforms offers the restaurant industry’s most comprehensive suite of marketing tools. From generating new traffic to increasing repeat business, we’ll optimize your online presence every step of the way.

Traffic Generation

Drive new users to your online ordering site.

Order Conversion

Drive online visitors to become customers.

Customer Retention

Drive your new customers back for more.

Our team of online ordering, marketing, and eCommerce experts have built a platform that does what no other platform can do.

Food Delivery Solution
Here at Velforms, we take an eCommerce approach to online ordering. Just like any online business, restaurants need customers to follow the online journey of arriving on a site, placing an order on that site, and returning to that site for more.
Your job is to make delicious food and create a memorable customer experience, our job is to provide you with the marketing tools you need to master each step of the online customer journey. We’ll take the guesswork out of eCommerce optimization.

What’s your focus?

Each potential customer goes through the whole journey, from discovering your business to purchasing from your restaurant regularly. Please select one of the areas below you want to focus on and use our tools to get more traffic, increase conversion rate, and build loyalty.

QR Code Ordering

QR Codes are an easy way to send smartphone customers directly to your online storefront.

Restaurant Signage

Encourage dine-in visitors to become online customers by placing signage in your windows or on table tents.

Google Listings

Get found on Google or don’t get found at all. Make sure your listing is up to date.

Google Ads by MenuDrive

Advertising with Google is easy when you let MenuDrive do it for you!

Online Ordering Analytics

Know where your highest amount of traffic comes from so you can focus your marketing dollars on the right audience.

Traffic & Competitor Analysis

Knowing what the competition is doing is key to making sure you’re getting your share of traffic.

Social Media by Velforms

Create professional-looking social media posts easily with our pre-built templates.

Velforms Flyer Designer

Flyers are still a great way to drive business, you can do a mail campaign, or hand flyers to dine in and take out customers.

Velforms Coupons

Seal the deal with a coupon placed directly on your site for every visitor to see.

Velforms Announcements

Use this popup window to notify visitors of upcoming or ongoing specials and promotions.

Storefront Beautifier

Looks are important – visitors are more likely to stay, browse, and order from a well-designed site.

Loyalty Program ROI Calculator

Use this popup window to notify visitors of upcoming or ongoing specials and promotions.

Brand Matching Color Generator

Use our color scheme generator to find colors that match your logo and enhance the appearance of your site.

Velforms Email Marketing

Send emails that encourage repeat orders on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or even to specific customers who haven’t ordered in 30 days.

Velforms Customer Loyalty

Reward your repeat customers with points and discounts that keep them coming back.


You can add coupons to emails enticing customers to come back and order their favorites.

Online Ordering Analytics

When a specific menu item starts trending up, you’ll know it’s time to send out an email telling your customer base what’s hot.

“Our business has increased since Velforms. Sales have increased because online ordering is so simple, we offer great coupons, and we can send birthday texts and emails too! There are a lot of MenuDrive offers on the back end to the business as far as social media sharing, coupons, customer loyalty program, email marketing and more!”

- Lorem Ipsum, owner of Velforms


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Thousands of restaurants use Velform’s smart marketing tools to increase conversions and connect with their customers.