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Reseller Partnerships FAQ’s

I am interested in becoming a reseller partner. How can I apply?

In order to join the Foodics Reseller partners, you must first meet the following requirements:

You are a well-established entity with a strong sales team
You have an experienced implementation team for installation & technical support
You have a proven track record of success
You have relevant F&B or software experience in a certain market.

If you are eligible, you can apply now by filling out this form verifying your online information and credentials and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Is becoming a Foodics Reseller Partner a big commitment?

The objective behind this partnership program is to empower your business and not pull it down with more commitments. Our resellers are not required to provide setup or support services as they are provided by Foodics. As a Reseller, each purchase or sale order completed on your side will be rewarded with a proper commission.

What is Foodics Reseller Partnership?

The Foodics Reseller program searches for licensed companies to become Foodics’ strategic partners. The companies will be responsible for selling Foodics products on our behalf in certain markets and will get full tech and customer support from the Foodics team.

What are the best organizations to join the Foodics Reseller Program?

It is highly preferable for organizations that directly work in the F&B and restaurant industries to join the program as they have more experience with the sector Foodics is directly involved in.

However, that does not mean that companies from other markets are unable to join. Once you become a reseller, you will have access to all Foodics product resources as well as support and guidance from our sales and technical teams!

How will becoming a Foodics Reseller help my business?

The reseller partnership is a highly beneficial one for both parties involved, especially for your organization. As our reseller, you will:

Help restaurant owners grow their businesses
Have a new source of revenue and increase your profit margin
Establish a name for yourself in the SaaS business
Become part of our network of market leading partners.

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Remark: This program is only available for annual subscribers of Basic and Advanced packages.